Second Cannabis Sniff Study by Headspace Sensory Accepted for Publication in Peer-reviewed Scientific Journal

FORT COLLINS, Colorado, March 12, 2019 – Headspace Sensory LLC announced today that its second cannabis sniff study has been accepted for publication Journal of Sensory Studies, a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

The paper, “Use of rating scales versus check-all-that-apply ballots in quantifying strain-specific Cannabis aroma,” was co-authored by Headspace Sensory founder Avery N. Gilbert, PhD, and Colorado State University chemistry professor Joseph A. DiVerdi, PhD.

The new results confirm and extend those of the authors’ groundbreaking 2018 paper in PLoS ONE which used check-all-that-apply odor descriptor ballots to character the aroma profiles of different strains.

According to Headspace Sensory’s Avery Gilbert, “The bottom line is that consumers provide robust and consistent evaluations of cannabis strain aroma, regardless of the specific testing method involved.” Gilbert believes that applying well-established sensory evaluation techniques to cannabis will benefit consumers, brands, and manufacturers.


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