Headspace Sensory’s Avery Gilbert Gives Keynote Talk on Fragrance and Flavor Issues in the Cannabis Market

BOULDER, Colorado, October 16, 2018 -- Headspace Sensory founder Avery Gilbert gave the keynote talk today at the 3rd Workshop on Multisensory Approaches to Human-Food Interaction. The workshop was held in conjunction with the 20th ACM International Conference on Multimodal Interaction, and took place at the Hotel Boulderado. Gilbert’s presentation was titled “The Budtender as Psychophysicist: Fragrance and Flavor in the Emerging Market for Legal Cannabis.”

Gilbert gave attendees an overview of sensory issues in the rapidly evolving consumer product space for cannabis. He described how aroma differences between strains are an underexplored source of consumer preferences and market segmentation. Gilbert predicted that quantification of the strain-specific sensory attributes of cannabis flower will become a business necessity as branded and blended products take on more market share.

Gilbert highlighted how health and wellness themes are driving alternatives to traditional methods of smoking cannabis flower. Healthy eating concerns are also limiting the growth potential of edibles based on candy and sweet-flavored beverages. Gilbert suggested that an industry should be the creation of dosage control and time course indicators for edible products.

Comparing the cannabis space to craft brewing, Gilbert noted that both industries are enjoying a surge of innovation that offers consumers an amazing array of creative sensory experience. Craft brewing, however, provides shoppers with much better ways to navigate the complicated product space by means of easily understandable sensory descriptions. Gilbert told the audience that creating intuitive aroma metrics for cannabis is a top priority for Headspace Sensory LLC.


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Headspace Sensory is a privately held startup based in Fort Collins, Colorado, founded in 2016 by well-known smell psychologist and entrepreneur Avery N. Gilbert, PhD. The company is pioneering the sensory evaluation of cannabis to bring consumers, growers, and dispensaries into the conversation about strain-specific aroma. It uses quantitative methods and an authoritative olfactory lexicon to create data-based aroma profiles for dried cannabis flower for many of the most popular commercial strains.

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